How do you keep one step ahead of the competition?

A fully staffed IT department at your beck and call when you need it! At a fraction of the normal cost to employ one.

With an AccessIT support contract this is exactly what you get!

My IT is running fine right now why should I take out a contract?

When you purchase an AccessIT Support Contract we take total responsibility for the smooth running of all your IT. AccessIT support contracts include a thorough maintenance regime carried out every month, this ensures that your systems are running in top shape, by doing this we are able to pick up any early warning signs and react to them before your employees even notice it, this proactive approach reduces the number of severe IT issues and saves your company a lot of unneeded downtime.

Free Network health check

All prospective customers are entitled to a free network health check with a complete report at zero cost, and if you take out one our managed support contracts following a network health check we will give you your first month absolutely free.  In fact if you are not happy with the service in the first month you can cancel it with nothing to pay!

AccessIT support contracts key benefits?

Cash savings and more

  • Our proactive approach reduces the number and severity of faults across your business, along with best practice advice we can help save you thousands of pounds in lost productivity
  • Giving you the opportunity to have your own in house IT department at a fraction of the normal cost
  • Professional monitoring and overall responsibility
  • While we concentrate on all the Techie stuff you can concentrate on doing what you do best, running your company.
  • Spyware, Virus’s, breakdowns and downtime will be a thing of the past, we are there to ensure your systems run in the best possible way from day 1!
  • Maintenance and general housekeeping of pc’smassively reduces the deterioration of your equipment and increases the operational life of your assets.
  • Server monitoring can give us a heads up whenever a major service has ceased working, usually we will be fixing the problem or have it fixed by the time you realise there is a problem.
  • Expert IT Professionals whenever they are required
  • Anything from a simple printer problem to wondering if there is a better way to format an excel spread sheet, our staff are on hand to give you the tools and support you need to increase your productivity and reduce costs
  • Our Expert IT Professionals can be with you immediately over the phone and if necessary carry out remote support on your pc to get you back up and running in the shortest possible time

Which is the right AccessIT support contract for you?

All out managed contracts are tailored to our customers needs and requirments, so get your tailored contract quote give us a call on 0845 528 0773 or use our live chat facility on the right.