As the years have passed the cyber threat has changed and evolved, these days most virus threats are targeted with a single aim, to make money, by organised crime. The growing threat to organisations IT systems has become common knowledge, with multiple high profile stories of hackers and large corporate networks being compromised.

For business’s the consequences can be a single system being compromised, or as serious as your entire network being brought down, resulting in productivity loss, potential litigation, data loss and damaging your companies reputation.

Access IT Systems have the expertise and experience to help you wade through all the potential security products, we can help you plan, build and deploy a security solution that meets your company requirements, keeping your Systems safe and keeping you compliant with government guidelines with data security.

We provide a fully comprehensive suite of security solutions from Sophos, including Small Business Solutions, SME Solutions and Enterprise solutions, from your standard anti virus to a full Security solution encompassing all your Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Email Server, Firewall appliances and much more.