What would happen if your building burnt down tommorrow?

Would you be safe in the knowledge that you have backups that have not been turned to dust in the blaze?

If your answer is no then Access IT can help.

with over 15 years experience of IT support we can create a disaster recovery plan that covers all the bases.

Cloud backup or offsite tapes?

This depends entirely on each companies individual situation and what they are seeking to achieve, we can offer both a manual backup system where a user takes one copy of the backup offsite, or an automated cloud backup system that will automatically and regularly take a backup and store it in the cloud for easy retrieval at your leisure.

Acronis Backup and Recovery

Access IT Systems have teamed up with Acronis in order to off our customers one of the most complete and technologically advanced backup and recovery/disaster recovery solutions available today.

Just let know what you want to backup and how you want to store those backups and we can do the rest.  Call today on 0845 528 0773